Become an Urban Farmer

You focus on Farming, we take care of the rest – delivery logistics, marketing and sales activities (we support you along the way so you can focus on growing your crops) detection & diagnosis of climate data on regular basis automated irrigation and building a community.

Earn profit farming in your city

Earn profit farming in your city. Set your own schedule, be your own boss.

Remote Access from anywhere

Each SQUARE m² unit is equipped with automation systems that are accessed via software to measure humidity, temperature, water and electricity consumption in real-time.

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Just tell us the city you would like to start farming and if you have permission for land. We will contact you for the next steps.

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Everyone is eligible to farm with SQUARE m². Here is what you need to know if you are farming in cities like Zagreb, Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich.

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You can sign up if you don't have a budget or legal land permission in your city. Find out which vertical farming solution is suitable.


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