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If you are having trouble finalizing your project design, let us help you with that. We will adapt each specific detail to tailor your projects’ needs. 3D models and renders will help you picture your idea better

Process of the design


consultation with client

Describe your idea and we will narrate you through the idea, give our insight in the best practices and solutions for you. In this step, we have a better understanding of the concept you want.


Design process

We create a model and initial renders for your idea based on your needs and concept.


Feedback & Review

You give us your feedback and we make necessary adjustments to the concept. In the end, you will receive the design tailored to your specific needs.

“A person with a practical way of thinking and a rational view on things. For every detail there has to be a reason, for every decision – a purpose.” My previous experiences working as a project manager for large construction projects and daily collaboration with different parties involved has taught me a way of thinking that it is important to understand each individuals needs and keep them in mind along the process. Now, in combination with my passion for design, I am using these skills to help clients execute their wishes.

Peteris Ozols


Your individual design

Get the feeling of your project before building it

299 Starting from
  • Layout
  • Exterior renders (1-2)
  • Interior render
  • Budget estimate
  • List of materials

Our projects

How we make it happen:

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FAQ about container architecture

For smaller projects (1-2 containers) it usually takes up to 1 week. For larger scale projects we get things done within a month.

– Shipping containers are extremely durable
– Modular structures that are easy to assemble and combine
– Containers globally are made by the same standard and thus can be easily transported by most logistics companies
– Most of materials used in shipping container architecture are up-cycled and can be re-cycled or reused after their service life
– Shipping container homes have a secondary market and you can sell your unit/-s as a car or phone after the end of their exploitation

Shipping container structure lifetime is comparable to traditional building methods. The durability of container frames, if well preserved, can even outlast traditional brick and mortar buildings.

Container architecture can be used to build a wide range of structures, including residential homes, office buildings, retail spaces, classrooms, farms, AirBnB and hotels.

Life-like renders allows you to picture yourself in the project and understand the flaws even before the project is built.

3D model allows you to oversee the layout and improve the details before the production.

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