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Become an Investor

Crowdinvesting is a simple way of providing funds for farming, living and working container unit developers & clients. 

Secure by Default

Your investments are secured and regulated by the CFA, Escrow accounts.

Transparent by Design

For transparency you can follow each farm 24/7, production timeline, other project deployments and ongoing operations.

Fair on Purpose

Securing food chain and helping other container project communities all around the globe.

How does Crowdinvesting work?

Crowdinvesting income isn't dependant on the general condition of the industry or the overall financial markets. The expected income of every investors revenue is shown at the time of harvest sales or rental unit almost real time.

Become an investor with a minimum of € 2,000

Rent from living/working or farm revenue is conditional. The expected income of every transaction is shown at the end of the calendar month.

Access from any device

Investor virtually owns a space in physical container space that works as a passive income steam.

What are your benefits?


Participate in adapting standard shipping container into cashflow. Fully equipped with necessary machinery, technology, design and software to assure the best container experience and quality. Shipping container base assures mobility, eco-friendly buildings and easy transportation globally.


Attend exclusive community events and networking to help farms & living/working units grow faster utilizing power of crowdsourcing (collective beats individual principal - urban farmers, airbnb owners and private customers networking & execution).


Our centralized management assures local distribution for each location to make sure that farmers and developers are focusing on farming, airbnb maintainance and development. You don’t have to be a farmer or developer. You can manage it from your phone and we are here to help you on each step.


Fintechs & Investors - API financing integrations & investors earning from Container unit development. Private Token Equity - built up through buying a SQUARE m² space for revenue share is held at Joint Stock level & allows you to take your investment with you to your new project


We are partnering with platforms focusing on agriculture & alternative real estate assets on possible integrations. Whether farmers need financing for container farm or developers for Airbnb projects, we are dedicated to integrate with crowdfunding & investment module.

Platform Support

SQUARE m² provides training for the staff and 24/7 aftersales support as well as maintenance.

Real case study for container farm
Unit cost 40'HC container farm - € 69,000.00. Production volume per month - 500 kg. Calculation was made with a € 40 per kg selling price (Depending on the crops gown, location, price can vary from € 25 to € 140)
Real case study for AirBnB rental project
The investors are a co-owners of a ready, fully functioning hotel facility, providing permanent passive income with documented in 2022* ROI 22%. Creation of an internal booking system and registration at, and
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