Urban Crowdfarming Platform​

Think global, act local – be a part of the worldwide community of Urban Farmers and e-Farmers

Hi, I'm SQUARE m² - custom mobile container and technology solution provider

Think global, act local – be a part of the worldwide community of Urban Farmers and e-Farmers

Farm from home

A new and simple way of earning passive income by buying a physical plant growing space online

Become an e-Farmer with a minimum of €3,000

Sales revenue is conditional. The expected income of every harvest is shown at the time of sale.

How does crowdfarming work?

Crowdfarming income isn't dependent on the general conditions of the industry or the overall financial markets. The expected income of every e-farmers harvest is shown at the time of sale.

What are your benefits?

Create Container Farms

Adapt a standard shipping container into a vertical farm. Fully equipped with necessary machinery, technology and software to assure the best growing experience and quality. Shipping container base assures mobility and easy transportation globally.

Events & knowledge sharing

Attend exclusive community events and networking to help plants & farms grow faster utilizing power of crowdsourcing (collective beats individual principal - urban farmers networking & execution)

Crowdfunding module

Our centralized management assures local distribution for each location to make sure that you are focusing on farming & we help you with sales. You don’t have to be a agronomist. You can manage it from your phone and we are here to help you on each step.

Agronomy & implementation

Fintechs & Investors - API financing integrations & investors earning from urban farming. Private Token Equity - built up through buying an SQUARE m² square m² space for growing is held at Joint Stock level & allows you to take your investment with you to your new farm

Vertical farming SOLUTIONS

Creating your own farming space inside a container enables you to grow crops all year round and once modified, allows you to control growing conditions such as climate, soil quality and heat and light exposure.

Platform Opearation Support

SQUARE m² provides training for the staff and 24/7 aftersales support as well as maintenance supply of raw materials

Hyper-local container farming, delivered in few minutes
The produce does not lose any shelf life or nutrition value because of transit. This is what the future of farming should look like
Producing 365 days a year, 24/7 without seasonality
80 % less energy, 95 % less water, 90 % less land, 90 % less logistics
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